AGE: 17


oh i guess i should write something about myself here. my name is super secret classified info(i cant come up with an alias) so idk you can call me whatever you feel like. i am currently 17yrs old and live in the uk. im a pretty uninteresting person tooo be honest. im polish but i grew up in the uk my whole life so i kind of suck at the language lol. whats another fun fact i can write about myself. as of writing this i havent left the house in 2 weeks. 2 things i really hate are bugs and school. i really like visual novels. recently i finished saya no uta and i loved it. some other games i like aare mogeko castle, omori and danganronpa(i promise i am not insufferable). my fav anime atm is girls last tour, i could rant about it for hours its amazing. i like figure collecting but my collection is pretty small. i have an mfc if you want to check that out. oh i also play osu you can check my profile there too. i listen to a lot of music but recently ive been really into breakcore and ajecent genres. specifically ive been listening to lapfox trax/halley labs recently(rotteen best alias). mmmyeah thats all for now bye.